Every clan, who wants to join must report the players + xfire.  

Every player has to use his/her real nick and clantag ingame.

Ping more than 200 is not allowed.  

All players need play with Xfire for screenshots.  

In war clan can change players maximum 3 times. 
You can choose the following maps in CoJ Super League: 
Original Maps: Highnoon, Raid, Bankrobbery, Minencounter, Okcorral, Lastbullet, Burrito, Blitz, Crusade, Den, El Paso, Fortstanton, Getaway, Hideout, Rockexpress, St. Peter's Gate, Twilight.

-  All maps will be played as skirmish! 

4 maps. 2x2=4 map 


    Winning = 3 point

    Draw = 1 point

- If the result is 2-2 round will count, and if its the same also so draw.

2 screens from 1 map. ( 1 with weapon 1 with result ) 

-Minimum 4v4  -Maximum 7v7
Match will start at 4vs4 players , after match please report result with screens by e-mail (clanugh@yahoo.com) or by Forum.  


-No cheating. 

-No outmap.

-No insult.

-No spam.

-No Bugs (It is forbidden to use bugs in the game. Places where you can go to with the normal physical specifications of the game are allowed). 


Problems :
About server must ask you somebody who have.
You can have dediced server by friend but you must have normal ping 


WARNING : All players have to treat their opponents respectfully. If a player nevertheless behaves bad and breaks the rules, he/she has to accept the consequences like a warning or other penalties. Furthermore you risk a kick/ban for your team.